• The Gate is Open - Come on In - Two new Class Series

    March 2nd begins a Chanting Workshop that just may lift your confidence with public chanting. March 23rd begins a six week series on The Buddha's Basic Teachings.

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  • Meal Offering - Dhamma Reflections

    Ways to stay connected to the monastics as they continue their winter retreat, offering meals and joining the Dhamma Reflections in White Salmon every Tuesday night. Scroll down for more information

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  • Children's Program Gets Infusion

    Nine parents/grandparents have gathered to form a working group to identify the needs of our growing children's program.

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  • Dhamma Talks & Reflections Online

    Hear Luang Por Sumedho, Luang Por Pasanno, Luang Por Viradhammo and Ajahn Sona's Dhamma talks and reflections from our grand opening celebration weekend.

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New Series of Classes Begin this March

Chanting Workshop A three-part class series taught by Charla Chamberlain

Monday evenings, March 2nd, 9th and16th

7:00 to 9:00pm, PFoD Center 

This short series aims to build confidence for beginners to learn and practice chanting technique and experience how chanting is used to create community harmony. 

Here’s a sample of the Course Objectives:

  • Learn to Read and chant in English and Pali
  • Learn the most common chants used during center classes, gatherings, and monastic visits
  • Boost ones confidence around chanting in public

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The Buddha's Basic Teachings - A six-part class series taught by Matthew Grad

Monday evenings, March 23rd through April 27th

7:00 to 9:00pm, PFoD Center

This six-part course offers a solid introduction to the Buddha's core teachings, which date back 2600 years. These teachings are very practical and down to earth, yet surprisingly radical. As a general framework, we’ll use the Buddha's Four Noble Truths, which contain all his other essential teachings as well. This is not just a lecture series, but an opportunity to investigate these remarkable teachings together.

All programs and teachings at Portland Friends of the Dhamma are offered on a donation basis. Free will contributions keeps our doors open are gratefully received.  A donation basket is located in the back of the room. In this way everyone can participate despite ones financial circumstances.   

Registration is not necessary—just show up.

Meal Offering and Dhamma Discussion

Meal Offerings for Ajahn Jotipalo, Ajahn Caganando and Venerable Khantiko* are accepted every ThursdaySaturday andSunday. The kitchen has everything you need to heat things up and set them out. The monks are available to talk after the meal if people have questions or wish to discuss Dhamma. Just keep in mind it is their retreat time so they'll be returning to silent meditation at 1:00pm sharp.

Contact Debie Garner at dana@pacifichermitage.org or visit the hermitage meal offering website

Daily alms rounds in White Salmon also continue every MondayTuesdayWednesday and Friday

Dhamma Talks
The monastic's continue to offer Meditation, Dhamma talk and Q n' A every Tuesday evening from 6:30 till 8:00pm at Yoga Samadhi throughout their Winter Retreat.  

Please park only in designated areas when attending events at Portland Friends of the Dhamma: Click here for map.