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  • Introduction to Meditation has completed

    Please watch for the next scheduled Intro class, where will explore various meditation objects (breath, body, etc.) and methods of practicing, paying particular attention to ways of overcoming obstacles to practice.

  • St. Mary's Academy Sophomore Class Visits PFoD

    St. Mary's teacher and parents brough 42 young women to experience meditation as taught in the Thai Forest tradition. Notice Ajahn Chah looking over the event :)

  • Pacific Hermitage on Winter Retreat

    From Dec 1st thru March 31st Ajahn Sudanto will be on Winter Retreat. We will miss him and wish him a fruitful winter retreat.

    Pacific Hermitage Website

March Centered on Saturday

March 25 from 6 to 9 p.m.

Centered on Saturday is a monthly three-hour community practice session. We offer a mix of guided and silent meditations, walking periods, an opportunity for beginner’s instruction, a short reflection, and ample time for sharing about practice. The program is open to everyone.

The schedule for the evening is as follows. In order to create a retreat-like atmosphere, please enter or exit the building before 6 p.m. or during a walking meditation period.

6 p.m. Guided meditation
6:40 Walking or beginner’s instruction
7 p.m. Silent meditation
7:40 Walking or break
8 p.m. Dhamma reflection, sharing about practice and closing chant
9 p.m. Close

RSVP is not required but is appreciated. You can contact Jessica via this link. All programs are offered by the generous giving of the community. There is no charge for this course. Donations are gratefully accepted.