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  • Annual Community-wide Meeting – Sunday, April 8th, 12:00 to 2:00 PM, following Sunday Sila

    Come and meet community members, ask questions, and learn how we function and how you might get more involved.

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  • The Original Upasika Renewal Crew - April, 2007

    This year we begin a new tradition of celebrating our commitment to the Five Precepts with our local Ajahn Chah affiliated monastics of the Pacific Hermitage,

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  • Recalling Our Good Fortune

    Winter months provide a time for reflection on our good fortune. As the monks enter into their winter retreats where they stay put in their prospective monasteries. Our weekly programs continue, click on our calendar below for details.

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Annual Community-wide Meeting, Upasika Renewal at PFoD and Abhayagiri

Annual Community-wide Meeting

12:00 pm - 2:00 pm. Click here for more information and detailed schedule.

Buddha's Basic Teachings (series soon concludes)

Every Monday for six weeks we'll explore the core teachings of the Buddha, the Four Noble Truths. Not just a lecture series, this class includes ample time for your questions and back and forth dialogue. 

Upasika Renewal at PFoD 

Ajahn Sudanto, Ajahn Kassapo, and Venerable Sampanno will be joining the Portland Friends of the Dhamma community for the weekend of April 20-22. Ajahn Sudanto will teach both Friday night and Sunday morning groups, and we are especially blessed to have our first Annual Upasika Renewal Day here in Portland, open to EVERYONE.

Upasika Renewal at Abhayagiri

A few folks are traveling down to Abhayagiri to join in the Renewal there. If you are interested in joining please contact Stephanie Alderdice via our contact page, for more information.