• Ajahn Nyaniko and the Pacific Hermitage monks to visit

    Friday, April 18 Tea and discussion, downstairs 5:30pm Meditation, Dhamma talk, Q n' A upstairs 7:00-9:00pm

    everyone welcomed
  • The Buddha's Basic Teachings

    A six-part series introducing the Buddha's core teachings

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  • Six week Chanting Class begins on Tuesday, April 29th and runs through June 3

    In this class you will learn to chant in both Pali & English using the Abhayagiri chant book (same one PFoD uses).

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  • Searching - Finding - Being Home

    Forty-five people were present to witness to the Board's signing the resolution to purchase the Dharma Rain Zendo

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  • A Changing of the Guard

    Dharma Rain's co-Abbots Gyokuko & Kyogen with Sakula at a fundraising event

    News Article: Inspired to Buy

The Buddha's Basic Teachings - Just two weeks left - everyone welcomed, just drop on in

Six Tuesdays, March 18-April 22 

7 p.m. - 9 p.m. 

This six-part class series offers a solid introduction to the Buddha's core teachings, which date back 2,600 years. Those teachings are very practical and down to earth, yet surprisingly radical. As a general framework, we'll use the Buddha's "four noble truths," which contain all his other essential teachings as well. This is not just a lecture series but an opportunity to investigate these remarkable teachings together.

The class meets every Tuesday night, March 18th through April 22nd, from 7 to 9:00. The address is 2514 SE Madison Street, one block north of Hawthorne. This series is offered without charge; donations to Friends of the Dhamma are gratefully received. Matthew Grad will be teaching. You can contact him here. 



Portland Friends of the Dhamma is a lay Buddhist community affiliated and guided by the lineage of Ajahn Chah and Abhayagiri Monastery.

Enjoy silent meditation, Dhamma talks and community activities designed to support our understanding and experience of the Buddha's teachings in daily life.

Please Note: We have moved
and now meet at the Dharma Rain Zendo  2514 SE Madison St. When you visit please park only in designated areas: Click here for map.