• Krissy's 2nd Annual Thai Cooking Class

    Learn how to prepare a classic Thai meal and sit down to enjoy the meal you cooked up along with Thai tea and dessert. Krissy will also provide you with take home recipes and information on where to purchase all necessary ingredients.

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  • Buddha's Basic Teachings - Six Mondays beginning Sept. 28th

    A solid introduction to the Buddha's core teachings, including the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path.

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  • Audio for Buddha Rupa Weekend

    Thai Forest Monastics and lay followers join together for a weekend of teachings and blessings. Recordings of event are now available.

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  • Children's Program Gets Infusion

    Nine parents/grandparents have gathered to form a working group to identify the needs of our growing children's program.

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  • Dhamma Talks & Reflections Online

    Hear Luang Por Sumedho, Luang Por Pasanno, Luang Por Viradhammo and Ajahn Sona's Dhamma talks and reflections from our grand opening celebration weekend.

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Buddha's Basic Teachings Returns

 2nd Annual Thai Cooking Class with Krissy Martin

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All programs and teachings at Portland Friends of the Dhamma are offered on a donation basis. Free will contributions keeps our doors open and are gratefully received.  A donation basket is located in the back of the room. 

Registration is not necessary—just show up.

Please park only in designated areas when attending events at Portland Friends of the Dhamma: Click here for map.