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Dhamma Friends Children’s Program

Every Sunday from 10 to 11:30 a.m., Portland Friends of the Dhamma offers childcare during Sunday Sila, a weekly meditation program with Dhamma reflections from Sakula, PFoD’s Spiritual Director. The children’s program includes morning meeting time, task-oriented responsibilities, mindful movement, and crafts. We playfully explore character development and conventions from our Buddhist tradition in a thematic and age-appropriate way. Dhamma Friends Children’s Program plays an integral role in enriching the experience of PFOD’s families and children through family- centered engagement with our tradition and the larger community.

Children under three and/or still in diapers need to be accompanied by a guardian through-out the program. On your child’s first visit, please arrive at least ten minutes early for introductions and registration.

This program is currently taught by Jessica Swanson (bio). Jessica is usually joined by her two children pictured here, Ethan and Julia.