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Dana Wish List

Welcome to our Dana Wish List!

We have identified a few things that we need or that would make life better for our community. Below is a list of those items and some information about them. If you have any questions please contact us. If you order an item for us, please let us know so we may remove it from our Wish List. Here is our contact form.

What is smile.amazon.com? Find information on this page.

Please ship any item to yourself and bring to the Center. You may also contact us for alternative shipping. Here is our contact form.

Grant writer with experience - We have recently identified several opportunities for grant funds ranging from $5,000-$20,000 that dovetail nicely with our projects and programs. We are hoping that someone connected to our community with grant writing experience would be willing to write a grant or two. If you might be interested, please contact Greg Satir at gsatir@pdxdhamma.org or (503) 233-6498.

Storage cabinet for cleaning supplies - We have a need to keep cleaning supplies for upstairs in the upstairs restroom. We would like a cabinet with closing doors for a broom, mop, cleansers, toilet paper, etc. We have identified this cabinet (Solgul Wardrobe in white) at Ikea Portland that would be terrific. We will be using mop and broom with short, collapsible, or telescoping handles.

Printer Ink - Brother LC203CL XL and LC203BK XL Here is a link to this item. Use your smile.amazon.com account and further help PFoD with Amazon's donation to us.

Incense - MAINICHI-KOH Viva Sandalwood Regular length (30 minute burn time) 10 rolls by NIPPON KODO. This is a mildly scented incense, a favorite of Sakula, our Spiritual Director. Here is a link to this item Use your smile.amazon.com account and further help PFoD with Amazon's donation to us.

Pocket Talker personal amplifiers - We have learned that some in our community are having trouble hearing. We are hoping for several personal amplifiers to keep in the back of the room to be borrowed for the session when needed and left behind on leaving. When choosing the amplifier, please consider the ability to wipe them with sanitizer for cleanliness and the power source. If it has a common type of headphone jack, users can bring their own buds or headset if they prefer. Here is an example of this item. Use your smile.amazon.com account and further help PFoD with Amazon's donation to us.

Funding for ceiling insulation - We are hoping to insulate the ceiling before winter sets in. Please contact us for particulars. Here is our contact form. Please mention Alistair W.'s name.

Has been given! Anumodana! Funding for blubrry.com media hosting - We have started with a small subscription at $12 a month that allows us to post 3 hours a month of teaching as a podcast. We would like to both keep up with current teaching and post some past teachings. To do this we would need $20 ($8 more) per month to post 7.5 hours of teaching. We are hoping for the funding for this item as we already have an account.

Has been given! Anumodana! Funding ($75-$150) for an updated website theme - It has been years since our website has been updated. Since then, websites have become more functional and flexible. For example, calendars perform better, and there are new ways to showcase photos. While this is not necessary, it would be helpful to have an up to date online presence.