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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have beginner’s instruction?

Yes. We offer Meditation for Beginners twice a year, announced on our website and via our twice weekly newsletter. You may also request one-on-one instruction at our Sunday Morning gathering.  Click here and scroll down to learn more.

Do I have to bow or chant?

No. Bowing and chanting are voluntary.

Is there any particular etiquette when monastics visit?

Yes, though very simple. More information here.

Do you have disability access?

Unfortunately, no. This building was completed before ADA codes. But please contact us, and we will make what accommodations we can so you can enjoy our programs.

I’m a strict vegetarian, how do I know if a meal offering has meat in it or not?

A meal is offered when we have a daylong or visiting monastic and wish to share a meal together. Meal offerings are potlucks. Our practice here is to accept what is offered, and all dietary needs are left up to the individual. Please take good care of yourself by making use of our refrigerator and kitchen facilities to prepare and store your dish until mealtime. Be sure to label your food so meals don’t get mixed up. And feel free to connect with the meal coordinator for the day; sometimes that person has a sense of the offerings and time to share information.

Where does PFoD arise from?

Read this short essay by Sakula.

Is there a membership fee, and what does it cost to partake in a class or meditation event?

There is no set charge for any of our programs, nor do we have a membership program or fee. This community is entirely dependent on your free-will donations and voluntary offerings (dana) and is sincerely appreciated. We are encouraging interested people to commit to a regular offering that suits their means and then let us know so that we might gain a sense of our regular support.

Thank you for your questions. If you have more, you are welcome to contact us here.

We hope you enjoy and find benefit from coming into contact with this community.