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Joseph Kappel’s Bio

Joseph Kappel lived as a Buddhist monk for 20 years as Bhikkhu Pahakaro, with Ajahn Chah and Ajahn Sumedho in Thailand and Great Britain. His initial interest in Buddhism was inspired by visits to Thailand from Vietnam where he served as a combat helicopter pilot in 1969-70. During his sojourns to Thailand, Joseph was deeply moved by a country and people that were steeped in Buddhist teachings. In short, combat in Vietnam paved the way for him to embrace a way of life that led him on a path that demonstrates how suffering is created and how to avoid it. In this way, it helped him open his eyes to witness himself in others with compassion and understanding.

Since leaving monastic life in 1991, he has taught Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MRSR) in Massachusetts’s prisons and received a Master’s Degree in Education from Harvard University. He also worked with college athletes to facilitate “mental fitness” and the inner game. In addition, he has led meditation courses and retreats in numerous settings in the US and every two years co-leads retreats with Ajahn Amaro at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery in England.

Now twenty-seven years after his monastic experience, Joseph continues to refine his practice and knowledge of the path to human liberation. His passion remains to encourage everyone to awaken in daily life by using Sila, Samadhi, and Panya. Thereby, enabling us to uncover those obstacles that hinder our ability to realize freedom from birth and death.

Joseph and his wife Catherine live in Leominster, Massachusetts.