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Recurring Programs

Two Weekly Gatherings – Sundays and Fridays

Sunday SilaLed by Sakula

Every Sunday Morning, 10:00am — 11:30pm, upstairs (Childcare downstairs)

Sunday morning is Family Program day, meaning there is meditation and dhamma reflections upstairs and a children’s program downstairs. Drop ins (upstairs or down) are welcome. Please come ten minutes early if its your childs first visit to sign in and meet with the teacher.

Upstairs we’ll begin with a 45 minute meditation followed with a short walking/break period followed and a short reflection by Sakula or guest. On Uposatha days there will also be an opportunity to take the Five Precepts.

Investigations – Led by Matthew Grad

Every Friday Evening, 7:00 — 9:00pm, upstairs

The expression dhamma vicaya means using the Buddha’s teachings to investigate all that we experience—sights, sounds, thoughts, emotions—so that we may come to understand the true nature of things. This sort of investigation is a factor of awakening, according to the Buddha, and on Friday nights, we’ll put it to work.

Each gathering will have a Dhamma theme. To begin the evening, Matthew will offer some brief reflections on the theme, drawing from his own experience and the Buddha’s ancient discourses. Then after a period of meditation, he’ll guide a group discussion on that topic. The focus will be on our direct experience and how we can apply the Buddha’s teachings in our everyday lives.

Four Introductory Courses – Six Mondays Each

Introduction to Upasika Training – Led by Sakula

Six Consecutive Mondays,  7:00 – 9:00pm (check calendar for exact dates)

This six week program is designed to provide an avenue of support for people new to the Portland Friends of the Dhamma community and/or new to the practice of living by the Five Precepts, while also introducing our lineage. Those interested in rejuvenating your current Upasika training are also welcome to join.

Beginning with the first precept on week one, we will add a precept each week through week five.

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The Buddha’s Basic TeachingsLed by Matthew Grad

Six Consecutive Mondays,  7:00 – 9:00pm (check calendar for exact dates)

This six-part course offers a solid introduction to the Buddha’s core teachings, which date back 2600 years. These teachings are very practical and down to earth, yet surprisingly radical. As a general framework, we’ll use the Buddha’s Four Noble Truths, which contain all his other essential teachings as well. This is not just a lecture series, but an opportunity to investigate these remarkable teachings together.

These classes are offered without charge, though donations to Portland Friends of the Dhamma would be gratefully received. And there’s no need to preregister—just show up.

Beginners Meditation ClassLed by Jessica Swanson

Six Consecutive Mondays,  7:00 – 9:00pm (check calendar for exact dates)

This course is a meditation primer in the Theravada Thai Forest tradition. Students will practice meditating with the breath and the body, developing wholesome mind states like loving kindness and compassion, working with thoughts and emotions, and dealing with obstacles to peaceful meditation. We will explore ways in which practice in daily life and sitting on the cushion are complementary, practicing and reflecting on different topics each week.

We start each course with very short guided meditations and over six weeks, work up to a 30 minute sit. Meditation outside the class is strongly encouraged. Recommended readings and talks will be provided, as well as resources for establishing a practice with a local meditation community. No preregistration is necessary, but the course will close to the public after the second class.

Brightening the Mind – Led by Jessica Swanson

Six Consecutive Mondays,  7:00 – 9:00pm (check calendar for exact dates)

The Buddha recommended using certain recollections, or Anussatis, as a way to brighten the mind at the beginning of a meditation or during a dry spell in practice. Six of these recollections – Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha; Generosity, Integrity and the characteristics of the Devas – are designed to inspire faith in the path and confidence in our own practice.

Working with the Anussantis encourages us to be generous and have integrity in our daily life and then calling upon the memory of those actions to brighten our own hearts, which feeds the desire to continue refreshing those habits off the cushion. The recollections help create a continuous loop of practice, wise reflection and adjustment, focused on the development and maintenance of skillful mind states.

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