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A Four-fold Community – monks, nuns, lay women and men dedicated to the Buddha’s training

Monks from the Abhayagiri monastery, the Pacific Hermitage and nuns from Sravasti Abby joined lay supporters from Portland Friends of the Dhamma to help re-plant a forest. Together we camped, dug, planted, chanted, meditated, and just plain hung out with noble and worthy friends. It was a grand week in the high mountains of central Washington just thirty miles south of the Canadian border. All in all, 5,000 trees were planted, 4,000 by the Washington State Forest Service and 1,000 by us.

Over the years, Abhayagiri had established a relationship with this 40-acre private retreat place called The Old Gold Mine Hermitage (OGM) near the town of Republic. Two years ago there was a forest fire that cut through OGM, it was time to do a bit of reforestation. The photos below show our small eclectic band planting 1,000 trees.

In 2007 Brian Johnson (now known as Venerable Khemako) and Roger Fox purchased this land and began to build. When Brian decided to ordained he handed the whole thing over to Roger who lives on the land to this day. Roger really enjoys supporting monastics and regularly sponsors monks from both Wat Metta and Abhayagiri.

Video of closing reflections from Luang Por Pasanno and Venerable Semkye 

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Tree Planting BeginsTwo lineages, one treeScrape, dig, plantMindfulness embodiedContemplation in full gearHeading back to camp after planting one thousand trees