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Wish List – Giving and Recieving

Items that our community are grateful to spontaneously receive:

  • Items for Meal Offerings for our monastic visitors
  • Stamps
  • Coffee beans
  • Toilet and boxed tissue papers
  • White tapered, dripless candles

Please contact us if you would like to contribute:

  • A sponsorship for monastic travel
  • A Heat Pump – OFFERED!!!!  Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu
  • Ink for our Printer (LC203, LC205,LC209)
  • Flooring as repair for Rental Office

There’s more to Giving than we Think 


There’s a wonderful story in the Vināya (Mahāvagga 8:15) about a very generous laywoman who lived at the time of the Buddha. As the story goes, she wanted to give a large gift to the community—lifetime gifts of food, clothing and medicinal requisites. Before agreeing to receive this offering, the Buddha asked Visakha why she wanted to make such a generous offering.

Her reply may surprise you. She said that when she sees the monks and nuns she will know that they are wearing robes made out of the cloth that she offered, etc., and it will make her very happy. Thus, her mind will be calm and her meditation will go well. As if to say, “Yes, that’s the right answer,” the Buddha accepted her gift.