We Can Do This

New Home

1-3) Buddha's handsAs the practice of the Dhamma continues to influence our lives in profound ways, we would like to express not only our gratitude, but a wholesome desire to help bring to fruition a permanent home for Portland Friends of the Dhamma, so that it may establish itself as an important lay center in the Ajahn Chah lineage, and so that others who are on the Path may participate in a community of like-minded individuals, perhaps for many generations to come. 


Dear Friends,

Portland Friends of the Dhamma has a chance to purchase the Dharma Rain Zendo. After making a significant financial commitment to this cause, we three – Betsy Russell, Greg Satir and Adrienne Fuson – were inspired to write the above intention. We have found a real sense of joy in imagining our community in this magnificent space, and wonder, is this our Karmic path? We think the answer is a resounding YES!

On Saturday, June 29th, 2013 Luang Por Pasanno offered his support of this pursuit. It was after his inspiring talk that we made the following pledges:

  • Betsy pledged $25,000 to kick-start a down payment as well as $500 a month
  • Greg and Adrienne pledged $5,000 toward the down payment and a loan for the purchase
  • In all, 21 community members pledged a total of $1,516 per month

And to our great delight, people continue to join in this very beautiful cause. As of September 18th, thirty-six supporters have pledged a total of $2,300 per month. We are now inspired to reach beyond word-of-mouth and invite you to join us in reflecting on the value of the Dhamma in your life:

The asking price of the building is $475,000. It’s a large sum indeed, however given the location and facilities, we feel it’s a perfect fit for PFOD.

The PFOD Board has reviewed the financials. The loan has been offered and the terms are promising. If we can gather committed pledges of $4,000 per month this project becomes a reality. We are more than half-way there!

While the Center will continue to offer events and teachings on a dana basis, the reality of our world includes costs and money. We are asking you to join us in pledging a monthly contribution as part of your practice.

Whatever is comfortable for you—$10 a month, $50 a month, $1,000 a month—will be received with the deepest gratitude.THANK YOU for considering helping to make this dream a reality.

To make a recurring or one-time donation, click here.

Importantly, if you do not have the means for financial support and would like to participate, there are many other ways you can help in this endeavor. Please contact us.

With our deepest bows and gratitude for your time, consideration and practice.

Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu!

Betsy Russell, Greg Satir and Adrienne Fuson

PFOD Community Members