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20 Year Anniversary/Fundraiser Schedule – June 28th, 2020

9:00am      Welcome, Introductions, hand over the Abhayagiri
9:10am      Taking the 5 Precepts from Luang Por Pasanno
9:20am      Guided Mediation followed by Dhamma Talk in English and Thai
10:30am     Q&A with Luang Por
11:00am     Meal Offering and Chanting from Abhayagiri

—- Monks retire for  their meal

11:10am     Break – you can get some food
11:20am     Historical Photos & monastic Greetings
12:10pm     Short Break
12:15pm      Ajahn Sudanto and Ajahn Karunadhammo on how the Pacific Hermitage began

12:30pm      Luang Por Pasanno  addresses PFoD

12:45pm     Our Teachers Sakula, Matthew, Jessica talk about our vision, dana, and our building.
1:00pm      Greg review the impact of COVID on our financials, fundraising goals and success so far
1:15pm      Q&A on PFoD’s Fundraising and Plans

1:30pm       Return to Abhayagiri for a brief meditation, Chanting and taking leave.

Finish around 1:45 but definitely by 2:00