Meditation Retreat with Ajahn Ritthi and Sakula Mary Reinard – Woodinville, WA


“Spiritual Friendship, Manifested and Realized”
December 6 – 9, 2012

Ajahn Ritthi PhotoSakula Mary Reinard Photo

Spiritual friendship can be cultivated and realized, both internally and externally. Within the format of this silent meditation retreat, we’ll be practicing with both. This retreat includes sitting and walking meditation, chanting, talks and Thai vegetarian meals.

The retreat runs from 6:30pm December 6 – 9:00am December 9 at Wat Atam (Atammayatarama Buddhist Monastery) in Woodinville, Washington. It is offered to everyone who is interested, regardless of level of experience or financial means. Donations are gratefully accepted. Spaces are limited, please register as soon as possible, these retreats tend to fill up quickly.

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