Bhikkhunis’ Visit Enriching – Thanks to You

Program News

Thank you to our community members who volunteered and gave dana in June so that we could welcome Ayya Santacitta from Aloka Vihara and Ayyas Santussika and Cittananda from Karuna Buddhist Vihara. A day-long retreat and next day teaching and meal offering were well attended.

The teaching on the seven factors of enlightenment was enriching. The bhikkhunis explained how each factor builds on the previous one and how they play out in our daily lives. Several attendees commented on the clear, relevant quality of the teaching. “The easy, sympathetic manner among the Ayyas created a rich field for me to meditate in,” said Holly Griswold, who traveled from Mosier, Oregon, to hear the nuns. “Each question was answered by both senior nuns, broadening and deepening the teaching. The dhamma, which was stated firmly yet given with a feather-light touch, entered me and ran deep. I feel so grateful! ” As a result of the enthusiasm of the attendees, there is hope for another visit from the nuns in the near future.