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Buddha Buddies on Bikes

September 26-27, 14th Annual Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage 

A fully supported bike tour of four Buddhist centers (including Abhayagiri) in Northern California

Sukho BBP (1)

You might recall my “ride report” in an Observer late last year describing my wonderful experience participating in the BBP. I would like to invite, encourage and support any of my fellow PFOD community members in experiencing this unique event.

Riding your bike with friendly, like minded people in a beautiful setting, while deepening your practice is really only one part of what makes the BBP special. There are numerous volunteering opportunities. Some people ride one of the days and volunteer for the other. The whole group (100 riders, 30+ volunteers) moves together through the route, so everyone gets a chance to know each other.

And if you can, bring your kids too. Children are very welcome. I’ve seen families participating together with a mix of riding and volunteering, and they always seem to be having a great time

If you’re interested, drop me a line and we can discuss the details on where to meet up once down there. I can even offer to set up some casual “training” rides for anyone nervous about the 138 miles (over two days). I’ve seen a variety of people of all ages and abilities successfully complete the ride, and on all manner of bikes and gear. There’s also a support truck sweeping the route, and rest stops with food and beverages every 20 or so miles.

Registration is now open, here’s a link to the Dharma Wheels website with lots of info. I look forward to hearing from you.

Sukho: click here to contact