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Community Events with the Monastics

two young girls offering food to monkThere are many opportunities for people to come into contact with monastics of the Thai Forest Tradition.

Ongoing and annual events at the Abhayagiri Monastery near Ukiah, CA. are very similar to those taking place near by at the Pacific Hermitage.  A list of these events include: Meal Offering – Meditation and Dhamma talk – Upasika Daylong – Once a month Community Work DayPah Bah (alms ceremony) – and Uposatha Observance Day (a day for renewing dedication to Dhamma practice).

Uposatha days are based on Abhayagiri’s lunar clalendar and mark a near weekly observance (for the very devout;) with special emphasis on the Full Moon days. Here is a list of significant Buddhist Full Moon Uposatha Days:

Also worthy of note; every year the Abhayagiri monastery has two major events for lay people’s participation. If you would like to arrange for an overnight stay, you’d be wise to contact them at least two months in advance.

  1. Upasika Renewal Day – Usually in June.
  2. Kathina – An “offering ceremony” in late October/early November