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Alms Round and Offering a Meal

1-Alms on Hawthorne Phil

In 2005, Luang Por Pasanno led an alms round in Portland, OR. Ajahn Sudanto of the Pacific Hermitage is next in line followed by Ajahn Karunadhammo (also of Abhayagiri) and Tan Thitabho, a frequent visiting monk to the Hermitage (also resident of Abhayagiri).

More than 2,500 years ago, the Buddha established a unique and radical relationship between his monastics and the lay community. Known as “going on Alms Round” this tradition continues today within Theravada lineages. The monastic code, or vinaya, requires the ordained Sangha to live in dependence upon the laity for all their physical needs. Monks and nuns do not grow or prepare their own food, and they can only accept food that is freely offered by laypeople.

Offering food to the monks provides an opportunity to visit with monks and historically, this is the traditional time to visit a monastery, ask questions and consult with the monastics.

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