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Call for Retreatant – Volunteers

Summer 2014      –     at the Old Gold Mine Hermitage

What: Self-directed meditation retreat in solitude, optionally combined with on-site volunteer work in exchange for food subsidy and/or small stipend
Where: The Old Gold Mine Hermitage, near Republic, Ferry County, Washington
When: Any time that suits your schedule between late June through October
How Long: Two weeks or longer
Who should apply: If your practice is ready for some striving in solitude and you’d like to go off to a cool northern forest in the hills just south of the Canadian border and meditate in a kuti among the trees, this might be a perfect way to wrap up your summer.
How to apply: Contact Sakula for a referral

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More about OGM:

The Old Gold Mine Hermitage (OGM) was established in 2006 as a place for monastics and lay practitioners to conduct silent self-directed meditation retreat. Situated on forty acres of rolling meadow and forest, OGM offers four individual single-room cabins (kutis) for retreatants and a central facility with a meditation shrine room and an indoor area for cooking and bathing. Each kuti has heat and access to water, though some are more primitive than others. The property is bounded by public lands and rural neighbors, accessed via a private gravel road, 2 miles from the main highway. The peaceful, simple, nature-rich setting is conducive to quiet reflection and meditation.

Roger Fox, one of the founders, is a full-time on-site presence who oversees all aspects of the facility and visitor support. OGM is a privately owned and operated and is funded by dana (generosity). OGM conducts no fundraising and charges no fees for use of the facility, although lay yogis need to pay for their own food and fuel (heat).

More about retreating at OGM:

Any person with a sincere, mature, authentic spiritual practice who would benefit from an extended period of retreat in solitude is invited to apply for retreat time.  Application requires a personal referral from a teacher, and retreat time is offered on an invitation basis after interviewing with Roger. The minimum and first-time retreat period is generally two weeks, though stays of 6 months or more are available for qualified practitioners. Retreatants are expected to quietly look after their own practice with little or no outside contact, to refrain from leaving the site (other than to hike the public lands) and to help out in a communal spirit with keeping the kitchen, shower and common areas clean.

More about the volunteering at OGM:

Roger could use help with skilled carpentry, firewood (tree felling and wood splitting and stacking), general deep cleaning, landscaping and light forestry work. If you’d like to volunteer, Roger will gladly provide a food subsidy and/or a small stipend during your stay, depending on the value of the labor you can supply.