Monastic Teachings

2021 Celebration/Fundraiser with Luang Por Pasanno – 2. LP Pasanno – Internal & External Conditions for the Arising of Right View July 18 2021 076

Luang Por Pasanno addresses those present and on Zoom for the Annual Celebration on creating the conditions for wise reflection (yoniso manasikara), skillful reflection, skillful attention, drawing close to good friends, and creating community.

2021 Celebration/Fundraiser with Luang Por Pasanno – 1. LP Pasanno – Walking Meditation in an Urban Setting July 18 2021 075

After precepts and still meditation, Luang Por Pasanno gives instruction for walking meditation.

Gyokuko Carlson: Letting Go of the Stink June 20 2021 074

Visiting Retired Abbess Gyokuko Carlson reflects on themes of fatherhood, change, the magical transformation of meditation and its power to undo knots, like stinking fish, within us. She encourages the acceptance of our humanity, body and mind, as part of our practice.

Ayya Santussika: Highest Blessings – Afternoon Session Translations, Q and A and Closing Chants Feb 7 2021 058

Ayya continues the study of the Highest Blessings, Mangala sutta, using multiple translations and takes more questions. The days closes with a chance to chant the sutta with fresh understanding.

Ayya Santussika: Highest Blessings – Morning Session Translations and Q and A Feb 7 2021 057

Ayya begins the study of the Mangala Sutta, The Highest Blessings (Snp2-4). Using multiple translations, she elucidate these instructions for living a blameless life, free of remorse.

Ayya Santussika: Highest Blessings – Precepts Feb 7 2021 055

Ayya Santussika met online with Portland Friends of the Dhamma and practitioners from all over the Western Hemisphere. The day opened with an introduction and the taking of the five precepts.

Ayya Medhanandi: Ever Present Refuge: The Value of Death, Jan 3 2021 052

Ayya Medhanandi continues with the daylong session of the Ever Present Refuge. Death may serve as a reminder of impermanence as well as an encouragement to learn the Dhamma and find the unconditioned.

Ayya Medhanandi: Ever Present Refuge: The Nimitta of Suffering, Jan 3 2021 051

Ayya Medhanandi begins by asking those assembled what is the most pressing issue now. She leads us to seeing the wisdom of being present in the moment as a refuge from the worldly winds and suffering. While she recognized that there has been great suffering this past year, she pointed out that suffering, in fact, allows us to learn the Dhamma. Our true home is the place within us unperturbed by the conditioned.

Ayya Medhanandi: Ever Present Refuge: The Basis for Our Happiness Jan 3 2021 050

Ayya Medhanandi teaches Portland Friends of the Dhamma for the first time in a daylong session. The theme was Ever Present Refuge. In this recording she introduces the precepts as the foundation for building happiness.