Luang Por Pasanno

2021 Celebration/Fundraiser with Luang Por Pasanno – 1. LP Pasanno – Walking Meditation in an Urban Setting July 18 2021 075

After precepts and still meditation, Luang Por Pasanno gives instruction for walking meditation.

Luang Por Pasanno: The Fundamentals Nourish Our Practice Sep 2016 026

Luang Por Pasanno offers a dhamma reflection on several fundamental concepts and how they help us on the path during his visit adjacent to Pah Bah at White Salmon in September 2016.

LP Pasanno and LP Liem: Buddha Rupa Blessing Jul 24 2015 011

Luang Por Pasanno interprets teaching by Luang Por Liem, successor to Luang Por Chah, from Thailand on the occasion of the blessing of our new Buddha Statue.