Sakula Mary Reinard

Sakula: Moving away from Fear and into Loving Kindness Sep 5 2021 087

Sakula reflects on how her fears interfere with her wishes and wants and gives thoughts on how to move away from fear to kindness. A community member expresses gratitude for kindnesses.

Sakula: Steer the Mind Toward the Wholesome May 23 2021 070

Sakula reflects on a retreat with Luang Por Sucitto and his teaching on wholesomeness. She shares readings from Buddhadhamma by Phra Prayudh Payutto. Beautiful in the beginning, beautiful in the middle, beautiful in the end.

Sakula: Cultivating the Buddha’s Path with my Catholic Mother May 9 2021 068

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Sakula draws on Luang Por Pasanno’s teaching and a story from her life with her own mother. She draws the arc of a life’s relationship healed with the Dhamma.