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Chanting Workshop – March 2nd, 9th and 16th



SCOPE AND AFFILIATION: A short series of classes to learn the common chants in Pali & English found in the Abhayagiri chant book.  This course is intended to build confidence while learning and practicing in a group setting.


  • Understand how chanting is used as part of a personal practice
  • Reading chanting in English and Pali
  • How to chant together in unison
  • Basic Pali pronunciation and phonetics
  • How to read intervals and pitch changing
  • Practice Chanting using recordings to follow along
  • Learn the most common chants used during center classes, gatherings, and monastic visits
  • Confidence to volunteer to lead chanting during classes, gatherings, monastic visits.


Week 1: Chanting technique, Reading the English chants

Week 2: Introduction to Reading Pali phonetics & Pali chants

Week 3: Reading & Chanting in Pali & English

English Chants:  Sharing of Blessings, Metta Sutta, Mangala Sutta

Pali Chants: Refuges and Precepts, Morning Chanting

(Other Pali Potentials: Suffusion of Divine Abidings & Requesting the Dhamma Talk)


  • PFoD Library—Many books and CDs available for checkout. Others are free to take.
  • pdxdhamma.org—our website, a good way to keep up with what’s happening here
  • abhayagiri.org—the website of Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery
  • pacifichermitage.org—a branch of Abhayagiri Monastery in White Salmon, Washington
  • forestsangha.org—a portal to all the communities in the Ajahn Chah lineage
  • nwdharma.org—a regional resource of meditation communities and information
  • accesstoinsight.org—a massive collection of teachings from Theravada Buddhism

Contact Charla Chamberlain for more information at charlac@gmail.com