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Chanting Workshop

A Half-Day Class Offered a Few Times A Year

Chanting at Chithurst

Chanting at Chithurst (photo by AunSoton)

The next workshop has not yet been scheduled.  Please check later if you are interested.
No Pre-registration required 
(Feel free to let us know you are coming :)

Drinks and snacks provided

Questions? Contact Charla at here.

A half day workshop opportunity for all Portland Friends of the Dhamma (PFoD) community members who are interested to practice & learn some of the common chants in English & Pali using the PFoD center’s chant book. This workshop will help build confidence for beginners and more experienced chanters in a supportive learning environment.

This chanting workshop will review and build on the first chanting workshop. Everyone is encouraged to attend!


Class participants will have the opportunity to learn:

  • basic Pali pronunciation and phonetics to assist with sight reading chants;
  • how to read intervals and pitch changing
  • how to chant with others in unison
  • how to practice on your own using recordings
  • some of the common chants used during center classes, gatherings, and monastic visits
  • confidence to volunteer to lead chanting during classes, gatherings, and monastic visits

For those who might feel discouraged in your chanting abilities, we hope that by the end of Saturday you will feel more encouraged, supported by each other and confident in your chanting.  For further inspiration and encouragement below is a video link of Bobby McFerrin teaching an entire audience to chant in unison in 3 minutes.  Play along and see what happens!


All programs at Portland Friends of the Dhamma are offered by dana, in the spirit of generosity by giver and receiver. If you find this workshop helpful and of benefit to your practice, all dana given will support Portland Friends of the Dhamma.