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Website Design Goals & Personas

How to Run 

The goals and personas below are the results of a survey taken by members of our Program Committee.  The aim here is to identify the goals of our website and understand who we strive to serve with this site.These goals and fictional personas (of those we aim to serve) are listed in order of importance after integrating everyone’s responses.

In support of PFOD’S mission our website goals are:

  1. To provide a friendly atmosphere that encourages a feeling of “welcome to our community” through the sharing of reflections and photos of events and activities.
  2. To support people investigating our community to gain a sense of welcome and familiarity before ever walking through our doors.
  3. To Provide access to information of present and ongoing activities that is both relevant and fresh.
  4. To provide obvious and user friendly access to the recorded teachings given at PFoD.
  5. To provide obvious and easily understood information on how folks can contribute and why they might wish to do so.
  6. (and of least importance) To offer detailed descriptions of how and who govern(s) including easy access to files with the minutes of all governing meetings as well as financial reports. We aim for these files and reports to be current; relevant, clear and concise.


Note: using  “personas” i.e. character descriptions of a fictitious but particular person, is  well respected way to ensure that the website is not just driven by the opinions of the designers or most vocal users. It let’s designers and testers reflect on the question – “how does this serve Betty?” rather than “do I like it” or “not like it.”

1)      Mature Macy and ­­­Elder Ernie are very experienced with many years of self sustained meditation practice. They have just moved to the area and are looking for a new Sangha. They have a strong and growing commitment to the Dhamma but as yet they do not feel a part of the broader community. They have friends from the Bay area that they are hoping will join them and move to Portland. Their friends, who have two young children, are uncertain about the lack of family programming but are willing to check it out. They have attended the family retreat at Spirit Rock with Luang Por Pasanno whom they since have visited, with the children, at Abhayagiri. They are planning their visit to Portland to co-inside with Luang Por’s teaching at PFoD.

For Macy and Ernie this website should:

  • Provide a sense of welcome and demonstrates a friendly and actively engaged community.(Goal #1, #2 and #3)
  • Demonstrate our connection to Luang Por Pasanno and the Abhayagiri monastery. (Goal # 4)
  • Provide easy understanding and access to how PFoD is funded. (Goal # 6)

2)      Bashful Betty is very quite. She first heard of PFoD from an ad in the Oregonian about the Beginners class. She attended this class with a friend who has since moved out of town. The first class she attended other then the Beginners class was a Friday night when Ajahn Sudanto was teaching. Though Betty is quite shy she continues to attend events at PFoD when the monastic’s are in town (if she can drag a friend in with her). Betty is curious about the Magga-Bhavana program but is unlikely to actually attend due to her shyness with discussion groups.

For Betty this website should:

  • Demonstrate our connection with the Abhayagiri Monastic’s (Goal# 1 and #4)
  • Invite a friendly, welcoming feeling and encourage a sense of comradeship (Goal # 1)
  • Provide access to recorded Dhamma talks by visiting monastics(Goal # 4)
  • Support her to keep PFoD funded (Goal # 6)

3)      Steady Stella is an outgoing go getter community regular who is quick to volunteer in support of whatever needs to happen at the center. Stella is almost always present when any of the monastic guests teach at PFoD and visits the Pacific Hermitage often. She is a long time member of this community and sometimes leads meditation groups when the teachers are unavailable.
For Stella
this website should:

  • Be current in its announcements and reflections of weekly programs and special events  (Goal # 2)
  • have photos with her participating in events and volunteer efforts (Goal # 3)
  • Provide her with access to decision making reports so she can fully grasp the integrity of this community (Goal # 5)
  • Support her to keep PFoD funded (Goal # 6)

4)      Diligent Debbie first heard about PFoD through her recovery group and while intrigued she also recognized that she is completely unfamiliar with Buddhism. She is looking for a spiritual anchor as a support for her recovery which she is completely dedicated too.  She has done a bit of research feels our community is worth checking out. This person is financially comfortable and though very generous to worthy charities is also very discerning on how she distributes her assets.
For  Debbie this website should:

  • Provide evidence of a safe, friendly, spiritual community (Goal #1 and #3)
  • Provide information that demonstrates the integrity of our governance and financial system.(Goal #5)