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Friends and Family Gathering

One Sunday a Month, 9:30 – 11:30 AM

Portland Friends of the Dhamma is having a special morning for our community, families and friends to gather together. There will be meditation with childcare across the hall followed by casual conversation and play.  Everyone is welcome to this morning.

9:00 AM Childcare opens
The childcare starts a half-hour before the meditation to give kids and grown-ups time to settle in.   Bring kids age one through eleven to the annex room across from the meditation hall where there will be a caregiver and various toys and activities.

9:30 AM Meditation and Q&A/Sharing
As the children play across the hall, there is a guided meditation and sharing for an hour in the shrine room.

10:30 AM Casual conversation and play
Later, we’ll spread out into the kitchen and share some snacks while we talk and watch the kids play.