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Head of Operations – An Opportunity to Serve


Portland Friends of the Dhamma is pleased to announce that there is still the opportunity to serve this community in the Head of Operations position!

What is the Head of Operations?

The Head of Operations works to ensure that activity at the Center can proceed in a clean, welcoming, and hospitable manner.  There is already a team in place to do this, with well-defined jobs.  The Head of Operations is responsible for leading this team.

This Operations Team consists of the cleaning crew, the kitchen crew, and the stewards.

What is the time commitment for this position?

Below is an estimate of the time required for this position.  Some months could need less time, some more.

  • Meetings with Spiritual Director every two weeks – 4 hours a month
  • Attending/Participating in Board Meetings – 3 hours a month
  • Meeting with Operations Team once a quarter and for major events – 2 hours a month
  • Ongoing management of operations, perhaps 2 hours a week or 8 hours a month
  • We estimate a total of around 17 hours a month or just over 3.5 hours a week

Who offers support and guidance to the Head of Operations?

Your everyday interactions, planning, and support come from the Spiritual Director and your team. You’ll have regular meeting with the Spiritual Director, who, as well as providing information on upcoming events, can help answer questions, untangle knots or offer guidance.

You are accountable (meaning you give an account of your work) to the Board (which includes the Spiritual Director) and you’ll have an annual budget you help set.

The Board is responsible for balance: if the work to do is more than the time, people, money available to do it, you would work with the Board to either finding more resources or reduce the workload.

There will be support and guidance at all turns in this role!

Please consider what you might bring to this active, community-minded position!  Our beloved Center needs love and support; will you be the one to step forward and offer your skills and heart?  Please contact Sakula with interest and inquiries.  We look forward to joining forces with you!