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Introduction to Buddhism

A Six-Week Class Offered Twice a Year

This six-week introductory course covers the basics of Buddhist thought and practice from a Theravada perspective.  You might also consider taking the Meditation for Beginners class.

We begin with a brief historical overview of Siddhatta Gautama and his awakening, and a description of the Triple Gem of Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha.

During the following weeks, we’ll focus on the key concepts behind the Buddha’s core teachings on the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path.

For a textbook, we’ll use Mapping the Dharma: A Concise Guide to the Middle Way of the Buddha. The Portland Friends of the Dhamma library has plenty of copies available for checkout. Copies also will be available for sale, if you’d like to have your own, for $15.

Leading the course is Paul Gerhards, author and publisher of Mapping the Dharma.

Class is limited. Registration is required. To register, please contact us.