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Jessica Swanson – Teacher Bio

Jessica Swanson is a Theravada Buddhist meditator in the lineage of Luang Por Chah and Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery. She has trained with Luang Por Pasanno, Ajahn Amaro, Ajahn Sudanto and Sakula over the course of nearly 15 years. Jessica is an Upasika, following the five lay precepts and drawing close to monastics whenever possible.



Jessica has taught several classes at Portland Friends of the Dhamma, including Introduction to Meditation, Brightening the Mind, Centered on Saturday, and The Friendly Heart: A Practical Approach to Loving Kindness. Currently, she leads the ongoing program, Reflections, on Monday evenings. She also leads the Dhamma Friends children’s program on Sunday mornings from 10 to 11:30 a.m. during Sunday Sila.

A two-time PFoD board member, she helped found the Pacific Hermitage, and assisted a meditation class for inmates at Portland’s Columbia River Correctional Institution for three years. Several times a year, she teaches meditation workshops at the YWCA Clark County for women with personal trauma.

Jessica is a writer and editor living in Vancouver, Wash., with her husband and two small children. She writes about Buddhist practice and family life at A Boundless Heart: Parenting on the Buddha’s Path.