Let’s Buy the Dharma Rain Zendo

New Home

On Monday July 22, 2013 the Portland Friends of the Dhamma Board made the formal decision to pursue the purchase of Dharma Rain Zendo  (the building we are renting now) for our new home. Click on “A New Home?” or in the above menu bar for expanded information.

Perhaps you thought that we’d already done that. Quite understandable. However, so far we’ve been evaluating and reflecting on that possibility, and now we have a conclusion – we should buy it.

Obviously, the path to a purchase is not guaranteed and many hurdles lie ahead. Fortunately it seems many determined hurdlers stand ready. In fact some are already out of the starting blocks, powering deep into the first turn.

  • Greg and Adrienne declared that they wish to provide PFoD with a loan to buy the building and are ready to work out terms with the board. Wow!
  • Betsy Russell offered to start the down payment fund with $25,000, and together with Greg and Adrienne, to spearhead reaching out to the community to raise additional funds.

You are shaking your head in amazement aren’t you? I thought so. Such generosity and far sight are deeply inspiring: even more, to me it’s a moment together on the path itself. Thank you.

And there’s more … Rachel, Sallie, and Jessica are taking the lead on our communications hurdles; producing a simple bi-weekly newsletter to keep folks informed, doing weekly web and egroup updates, and extending our mailing list even to communities outside the region.

Our plans and actions won’t be perfect, it’s an stupendous task, I see us making it.
To you all, with hands together, on behalf of you all,
Your Board    (Alistair, Greg, Sakula, Jim, Mary, Jessica, Rachel, & Sallie)

The Proposal that was Approved

Recognizing the support shown by the monastic community and many in the lay community for the purchase of the Dharma Rain Zendo (DRZ), and recognizing the suitability and potential of the building itself, PFoD will pursue the purchase of Dharma Rain Zendo as its primary path to a new home. From now through Dec. 31, 2013, PFoD will seek to understand the risks and benefits therein, clarify financial obligations and come to a common understanding on these matters. We will seek to gather the necessary finances, negotiate a successful purchase, and identify any organizational changes necessary to manage the building effectively.

On this the PFoD Board is in full consent – July 22, 2013

Click on “A New Home?” or in the above menu bar for expanded information.