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Magga-Bhāvanā Program

This Program is on Hiatus until further notice.

Buddha's Footprints at Chithurst MOnastery
Cultivating the Path First Saturday of the Month 9 a.m. to 5 p.m
Guiding Principle

To shape our lives around the practice of the Buddha’s teachings, rather than shaping the practice of the Buddha’s teachings around our lives.

Program Format

Monthly daylongs of teachings, practice and exploration, jointly led by Sakula Mary Reinard and Matthew Grad. Day-longs are held on the first Saturday of each month.

Program Elements

  • Fostering the practice of sīla, samādhi and paññā with ever increasing clarity, depth and continuity.
    • Sīla: The precepts and acts of generosity, goodwill and compassion.
    • Samādhi: Stability of mind through formal practice.
    • Paññā: Insight into the Four Noble Truths and Three Characteristics (impermanence, suffering, not-self).
  • Nurturing our practice together as community, keeping harmony utmost.
  • Cultivating a respectful and supportive attitude toward our lineage.
  • Committing to the Three Refuges.
  • Living by the Five Precepts.
  • Undertaking the Eight Precepts on Full Moon Days.
  • Making every effort to attend the Magga-Bhāvanā daylongs.
  • Maintaining a daily meditation practice and attending at least one meditation retreat annually.
Joining the Program
We ask that everyone fulfill the following prerequisites for three consecutive months before joining the program:

If you are interested in possibly joining, or would just like to learn more, please contact Matthew Grad.