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Messages to the PFoD Community during COVID-19

Blessings from Luang Por

Luang Por Pasanno Speaks to the Basis of How We Create Connection


Thai interpretation here and below

Essay from Ajahn Thanissaro

Ajahn Offers a new essay: “…there’s every reason to take the Buddha’s active similes for meditation seriously, and to take seriously his statement that the noble eightfold path—including right mindfulness and right concentration…

Encouragement from Ajahn Sudanto

Ajahn Sudnato Coaxes our Sangha to Stay Connected

Peaceful greetings to all from Abhayagiri

“…facing the challenges and meeting them with integrity and gentleness. “

I am writing from a secluded room at Abhayagiri, doing some extra social distancing since going to the airport to pick up Ajahn Cunda, who has just returned to us from his European journey, most recently (and coming directly from) Italy. He is in full 14-day quarantine and is doing well, and we are looking forward to him re-establishing himself in the U.S.  These are kinda strange times…. traveling to the airport and in the airport, it almost seemed like a neutron bomb had dropped: all structures intact, only a few people here and there. 

Yet, monastery life continues on much the same, since our lives are relatively simple and we are incredibly well-supported by the lay community (Anumodana!). On the internal level, the only refuge is in the Triple Gem, especially the reflections on the transiency of the body and intellect, which gives a great amount of peace and release of any stress. On the external level, so-o-o much gratitude and kind feelings to all of our greater Community (my fellow monastics and lay practitioners) who just keep on doing what we’re doing, facing the challenges and meeting them with integrity and gentleness. That is where I like to focus most of my attention…..keeping up with the news to some extent is OK, but dwelling quietly with mindfulness, clear comprehension, and loving-kindness are really where it’s at!  Keep a balanced heart, do your duties, and keep coming back “home.”  

With appreciation for all of you,
Ajahn Karunadhammo

Greetings from Ajahn Jotipalo

Ajahn Jotipalo Cheers PFoD

Meditating with Kids

Jessica, Ethan, and Julia Demonstrate a Family Friendly Meditation

Ayya Medhanandi “There is Sanctuary”

Ayya Santussika asks “Now What do We Do?”

“…find creative ways to practice and creative ways to reach out to each other.”

“…Stay Grounded, Stay Centered…” Well Wishes from Debbie Stamp

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