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Establishing a Hermitage

a woman and a monk smiling at cameraWhen enthusiastic and dedicated individuals band together with a common purpose, good things are bound to follow. Such is the case with the establishing of Pacific Hermitage, dedicated on site and in Portland in early July (of 2010).

Perched on five acres of leased property high in the hills on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge, the Hermitage is a branch of Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery in Redwood Valley, California. Three Theravada monks will reside there. The opening of Pacific Hermitage is the result of much patient effort on the part of Portland Friends of the Dhamma and the sangha’s dedicated founder and spiritual director, Sakula (Mary Reinard).

And from KBOO radio we have an hour long production titled “Columbia Gorge – New Locale for Ancient Tradition: Buddhist monks inspire support in NW.”