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Other Board Committees

Besides the  Program Committee there are two other standing committees of the Board.

The Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is chaired by the Treasurer of the Board and is formed to assist with the Treasurer’s duties. The committee members are nominated by the Treasurer and ratified by the Board. The Finance Committee is responsible for:

  • Assisting the Treasurer with the Treasurer’s duties and providing the Board of Directors with an annual financial report.
  • Establishing and reviewing internal financial controls.
  • Reviewing any and all financial statements related to Portland Friends of the Dhamma.

MEETINGS: There are no regularly scheduled meetings. The Finance Committee meets at the request of the Treasurer.

The Building Committee

The Building Committee has the following responsibilities:

  1. To plan, organize and oversee the regular maintenance of the Portland Dhamma Center
    including managing the ongoing building maintenance budget. To be knowledgeable about
    the operations and maintenance procedures for the items listed below.
    – boiler & heating systems
    – electrical systems including solar
    – the roof and attic crawl space, including venting systems
    – gutters and downspouts
    – plumbing & hot water systems
    – gas and water shutoffs
  2. To maintain current building plans and city/county/federal permit records, including fire and safety permits. To ensure permits are filed or updated as necessary.
  3. To propose each year, as part of the budget process, a monthly set aside for the Building Reserve Fund that will maintains the long term value of the building and that is transparent to the community. The building reserve fund is managed and tracked by PFOD’s Treasurer.
  4. 4. To participate in planning for building renovations and upgrades. May, if the Board so requests, take additional roles in renovations and upgrades e.g. leading the design & build stages, or providing oversight.

Comments and suggestions are welcome and encouraged! Please contact us.