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New Training Coming Soon – Racism/Antiracism

Dear Community,                                                                   June 4th, 2020

I feel uplifted with all the interest in a training program on racism/anti-racism. Ignorance is not our friend, and we are ignorant of White Supremacy. White Supremacy…that term is hard for me to even write. I find it interesting that this term makes me want to soften the words even as I witness the effects of doing just that has had and continues to have on the people raised in its culture. Why would I NOT want to see what this discomfort is about?

How fortunate we are to have skilled people within this very community to help us walk this journey together. I want you to know a team of five committed community members, has been identified. All members have facilitated programs at PFoD as well as workshops on this very topic. They are Heather Fercho, Ruby Grad, Charla Chamberlain, Jim Fairchild, and Katharine Quince.

Let us honor the importance of this work with our patience as this team meets the challenge to provide a safe place to meet with unsafe perceptions. This is not short-term work, but complex learning that takes time, just as it does to cultivate the path. And (IMHO) what better group of folks to do this training with than those already willing to examine and dispel their own ignorance where ever it may lay?

With metta, I look forward to this new beginning,