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Pledge Drive Letter – December, 2014


Dear Friend of the Dhamma,

It’s been a remarkable year for Portland Friends of the Dhamma, including the purchase of a beautiful building. Today we are asking for your help to enable the center to flourish both as a place of practice and refuge in the city, and as a community of support for the monastics of the Thai Forest Tradition. Yes, this is a pledge drive.

Your one­-time or monthly donation provides PFoD with a home and keeps the heat on. It enables us to host monastics and support our spiritual director. And on top of our current programs it will support new classes such as an Introduction to Upasika Training and fresh monastic visits such as bhikkhuni Ayya Tathaaloka.

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And the news just keeps getting better: a few community members are offering an inspiring matching fund of $6,000 for monthly donations. This means that anyone who pledges a new or increased monthly donation for 2015 will be matched dollar‐for‐dollar up to a maximum of $500 per month, which is $6,000 for the year. So a $5 monthly pledge becomes $10 (over a hundred dollars a year), $30 becomes $60, and $100 becomes $200.

Join us with a one-time or monthly donation

For those already making a monthly donation, first we thank you. We also hope you will participate in this drive by pledging your intent of support through 2015.

PFoD does not charge for any of its events, thus ensuring that everyone, regardless of means, can receive the gift of these teachings. This gift flows directly from both the wisdom of the teachings and the generosity of those supporting this city center — a beautiful thing to recollect and to be part of. We hope you will join us with a one‐time donation or by making or renewing a monthly pledge.

The PFoD Board

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Rachel Telesmanick    Gregory Satir    Charla Chamberlain    Sakula Mary Reinard

P.S.  We hope you will join us and donate today!