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Fundraising & Progress

The purchase price is $475,000. We think it’s a very good investment as the costs to lease or rent a space (even half this size) are about the same monthly costs for mortgage and maintenance. And it really is a beautiful space, if you’ve never seen it, you really should drop by and wonder about.

To buy this building we need a loan, we need a down payment, and we need committed monthly income to repay the loan and support our programs and community. We have been making progress on all three fronts.

  • LOAN FOR PURCHASE: A couple in the community has offered to provide a loan to buy the building.
  • DOWN PAYMENT: Several community members have committed substantial funds towards the down payment, totaling over $30,000.
  • MONTHLY INCOME: At an initial kickoff meeting community members pledge monthly commitments exceeding $1,500 and, to our great delight, people continue to join us in this very beautiful cause. To date we have pledges from 32 supporters totaling $2,076.00 per month (that’s around $25,000 for a year).

Important Dates:

  • September – Dharma rain sets a formal asking price of $475,000.
  • October 12th – community benefit.
  • Early November – PFOD makes a formal offer.

A Few Examples of what Inspired folks to Pledge:

Because this community is dedicated to the study and practice of the Dhamma while there are many others that wear only a costume of dedication.  The connection to the monastics is also very important, as are active study groups & classes & programs for those who have years of practice already.  I am a jobless student & wish I could give more.

Associating with the wise, hearing the Dhamma frequently taught, the deep integrity of PFOD, community with spiritual friends.

My life has been enhanced and blessed by the community and the Dhamma.  I feel very welcomed, supported and dedicated to continuing my practice and understanding the Dhamma.  Thank you!

This is my spiritual home!