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Retreat with Sakula August 2017

Firm Sila, Flexible Response

Friday evening to Sunday morning – July 28th, 29th and 30th

Wat Atammayatarama Buddhist Monastery, Woodenville WA.

with Sakula 

We’ll begin this silent retreat with the taking of the Five Precepts followed with sitting and walking meditations. Then throughout this short weekend we’ll explore the benefits of being firm in our virtue while open in our views. 

Sakula Reinard is founder and Spiritual Director of Portland Friends of the Dhamma. She has  been practicing Sila, Samadhi, Panna since 1996. Sakula graduated from the Community of Abhayagiri Lay Ministry (C.A.L.M.) in 2004 and leads the weekly Sunday Sila program at PFoD.

This retreat is offered on a Dana (donation) basis. Please register with  the Wat at: www.atamma.org/events/retreat-registration

If you would like to carpool or have any questions please contact Greg Satir at: www.pdxdhamma.org/email-us