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Six Week Chanting Workshop

Tuesday April 29th – June 3

LP Chanting

In this class you will learn to chant in both Pali & English using the Abhayagiri chant book (same one PFoD uses). You’ll build confidence while learning to chant as done in monasteries and retreat centers (affiliated and/or hosting monastics of our Ajahn Chah lineage)  through-out the Western world. The emphasis will be on group chanting and the unique joys and challenges this presents. Beginners and established chanters all welcomed


Chanting instructor: Charla Chamberlain assisted by Jessica Swanson


  • Understand how chanting is used as part of a personal practice
  • Reading chanting in English and Pali
  • How to chant together in unison
  • Basic Pali pronunciation and phonetics
  • How to read intervals and pitch changing
  • Practice Chanting using recordings to follow along
  • Learn the most common chants used during center classes, gatherings, and monastic visits
  • Confidence to volunteer to lead chanting during classes, gatherings, monastic visits


Week 1: Chanting technique; Reading the English chants

Week 2: Reading & Chanting in English

Week 3: Reading & Chanting in English

Week 4: Introduction to Reading Pali phonetics & Pali chants

Week 5: Reading & Chanting in Pali

Week 6: Reading & Chanting in Pali & English

English Chants: Taking 3 refuges and precepts, Metta Sutta, Mangala Sutta, Sharing of Blessings.

Pali Chants: Morning Chanting, Divine Abidings, Evening Chanting


Abhayagiri Chant Book

MP3’s from the Abhayagiri Audio Download