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Summary on October’s 2014 Board/Community meetings

From the Board Chair, Gregory Satir

Theme: “Where Have We Been, Where Are We Going?”

For six hours on the first Sunday in October, the Board and community gathered together to reflect on the past year and look at what’s next.

Main topic: Remodel – Phase One.

The number one driver for this remodel is to generate stable rental income to support paying for the building.  This will be done by turning the storage area in the back into an office we can rent for at least $500 per month.  Fitting nicely with this are two more goals. First, the existing office will be enlarged to work as a Spiritual Director’s office and monk’s room.  Then, the downstairs hall between these two offices will be improved to be more welcoming and secure.

Board approved Remodel Phase One

Plan: budget – $9,230 to be completed by end of 2014. 

Get ready to swing some hammers because the budget was kept low with lots of volunteer hours planned in.  You can see more about this plan, including a possible second phase.  If you have questions or feedback, good!  Alistair Williamson, Building Committee Chair, to seek  community feedback. Contact Alistair to explore phase one and offer feedback and ideas.


Charla Chamberlain was elected to a two-year Board term, bringing the number of directors and officers to six.  Alistair Williamson was re-appointed as Building Committee chair and Greg Satir was elected to a one-year term as Board chair.

Year end annual reports

In April 2013 we left our lease and had no idea where we’d find a permanent home.   One year later to the week we purchased our very own home. In Celebration and a show of support, thirteen monastics came to officially launch this new endeavor.  Since the launch, we have been diligently implementing the new systems we need to care for this building, engage the community, support our Spiritual Director and raise funds to pay the mortgage.  In summary, it’s been a big year!

Click here for Spiritual Directors Report

Stewarding resources

When the Board committed to buying this building, it made a list of systems and tools we needed to improve and mature from renters to owners.  One of these commitments was to

recognize that, in addition to a suitable building, a thriving community needs a well-supported Spiritual Director. PFOD is now in the middle stages of developing a S.D. Support Plan to determine a salary appropriate to the position and appropriate to the means of the organization.

To fulfill this commitment, the Board created a Compensation Committee to recommend a plan and a job description.

Report from the Compensation Committee

The committee started by considering its vision of what compensation would be appropriate for a full-time Spiritual Director.  It grounded this vision by asking what is conventional compensation in other, comparable religious institutions.  Looking at Buddhist and Christian groups for examples, the committee is working on a recommendation to the Board for appropriate compensation.  The Board will consider the information and the financial means of the organization to determine a compensation package.


“Where Have We Been / Where Are We Going”? Going from renting to homeless to owning a building, blossoming into an organization that can steward a building today and into the future.