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Supporting PFoD in 2019

Grand Opening 2014
From the Grand Opening of the Portland Dhamma Center, June of 2014

In 2001 a shared interest in the teachings of the Ajahn Chah lineage brought a small group of people together. The once-a-week gathering has expanded to three a week with monthly day-longs. What began as one monastic visit turned into an abundant flow. Today, as our community continues to grow, we aim to once again broaden and deepen our offerings.

Can you help support PFoD? In 2019 – with your one-time or monthly support – here is what you can expect:

  • Visits from Theravada Bhikkhunis and nuns, beginning with Ayya Santacitta in June
  • Additional retreats led by PFoD’s lay teachers
  • Expanding our Sunday children’s programming to include teens and toddlers

It is generosity that has helped PFoD establish its Dhamma roots in this city and become a cherished refuge to the community — something that is especially important in these turbulent times. How beautiful: this work we have accomplished together!

Now, as we strive to even further serve and support our community, we invite you to join in the nourishment of this truly meritorious undertaking that is Portland Friends of the Dhamma by donating today.

  The kid’s program is adding teens and tots   —   Ayya Santacitta (pic right) visits in June 2019