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Supporting PFoD in 2018

Dear Friends,

With the support of so many, Portland Friends of the Dhamma continues to build a community rooted in the Dhamma. This coming year we plan to bring in even more monastics, offer additional classes and grow our children’s program, all while maintaining a calm and supportive environment.

Will you join others in supporting this urban refuge by making a donation or pledging a monthly gift today? Just go to pdxdhamma.org/donate.

It’s important for us to have a place where we can grow spiritually and be surrounded by people with the same strong desire. Portland Friends of the Dhamma helps us to develop crucial values and skills that pave the way to live a skillful life. The friendships we’ve made have become part of our extended family and enriched our lives. This is why we are supporting PFoD with a monthly gift. — Jeanette & Javier Mena

Our goal is to raise $50,000 in donations and pledges. This would begin 2018 with half of our budget secured, providing confidence that we can continue to deepen our roots and grow our programming.

Please join us to reach this goal with a donation or pledge today. Just go to pdxdhamma.org/donate. Your support, at whatever level, helps this center to flourish.

Here is what other community members are saying:

Each time I walk through the doors of PFoD I take a moment to acknowledge all the effort that so many people have given to make this place a refuge. I’m grateful for my teachers, community and spiritual friends, But mostly I’m inspired by the beautiful effort put out by so many. This is why I’m increasing my annual sustaining gift to $500. If your heart also relates, if you too are inspired, let’s do this together. Please join me with a gift or increase of your own. — Charla Chamberlain (Board Member)

Portland Friends of the Dhamma is at the center of our lives. So we are putting it at the center of our giving with a sustaining donation of $1,000. Won’t you join us with a gift of your own? Together we can help this center to flourish. — Kristen Saxton (Board Member) and Caroline

Portland Friends of the Dhamma has touched the very heart of our family. The gifts PFoD has provided are priceless, so we want to do all that we can to give back. This year our family is able to give $1,500 to the annual fund. We’re thrilled to know that our contribution will help provide access to the Dhamma to anyone seeking it. Please join us by giving a gift of your own. We have so much to be grateful for!
— Stephanie (Board Member) with Ben, Dave and Will

On behalf of the Board, the teachers and your fellow practitioners,
Sakula Mary Reinard, Spiritual Director

P.S. Our revered teacher, Luang Por Pasanno, is visiting May 18th – 20th. Your contribution helps makes visits like these possible. Please donate today at pdxdhamma.org/donate!