Gyokuko Carlson: Letting Go of the Stink June 20 2021 074

Visiting Retired Abbess Gyokuko Carlson reflects on themes of fatherhood, change, the magical transformation of meditation and its power to undo knots, like stinking fish, within us. She encourages the acceptance of our humanity, body and mind, as part of our practice.

Sakula: Keeping the Bigger Picture in Mind May 2 2021 067

Sakula leads Sunday Sila with some in person attendees for the first time in a while. She reflects on welcoming changes in our lives according to the practice, recognizing impermanence and uncertainty.

Ajahn Thanissaro (Geoff): Response to Change, Morning Session Nov 1 2020 048

Ajahn Thanissaro (Geoff) visited Portland Friends of the Dhamma by Zoom for his 19th annual teaching session. His topic was “Response to Change.” The study guide is found here. The topics ranged from change in general to grief, all with a focus on specific skills for this challenging 2020 year.

Ajahn Thanissaro (Geoff): Response to Change, Afternoon Session Nov 1 2020 049

In the afternoon session of Ajahn Thanissaro’s 19th annual visit, this time online due to the pandemic, the theme of “Response to Change” continues. The focus remains on the suttas and developing skills, the response. The study guide is found here.

Gratitude for Ajahn Thanissaro’s November Visit on Zoom

Ajahn Thanissaro during his visit on Zoom to PFoD in 2020

Ajahn Thanissaro (Geoff) appeared on Zoom hosted by Portland Friends of the Dhamma and joined by others from Belarus and Brazil to Peru and Sri Lanka. Over 170 practitioners gathered to hear his teaching on managing grief and coping with change. Guided meditation and two sutta study sessions were filled with practical skills on these two topics so relevant to recent events. 

Dozens of participants expressed their gratitude for his teaching and the generous hosting by PFoD. We are grateful to our volunteers who were onsite during the session and who assisted along the way and to our donors who made this event possible and accessible. 

Ajahn Thanissaro (Geoff) has been a long time teacher for PFoD, and this was his 19th annual visit. Sakula began the day by reflecting on the support she has received from Ajahn’s meditation teachings in particular. The recorded sessions from the day are available here and here. Other teachings and ebooks by Ajahn Geoff are available here