Sakula: Moving away from Fear and into Loving Kindness Sep 5 2021 087

Sakula reflects on how her fears interfere with her wishes and wants and gives thoughts on how to move away from fear to kindness. A community member expresses gratitude for kindnesses.

Jessica: Nothing Personal about Unconditional Kindness, Mar 14 2021 062

Jessica Swanson leads Sunday Sila online. She reflects on why she is drawn to the Thai Forest tradition of Theravada Buddhism and what makes it special.

Sakula: Intentionally Willing a Feeling of Goodness Feb 28 2021 061

Sakula discusses the benefits of the practice of recognizing when we naturally feel goodness and intentionally feeling goodness. She reflects on the suffering of being entangled in our fears and ways of dealing with our triggers.

Ajahn Thanissaro: Goodwill Backed Up By Equanimity 2016 024

Ajahn Thanissaro closes the weekend on Proactive Practice at Portland Friends of the Dhamma with a reflection on the Brahma Viharas, in particular, Goodwill and its relationship to Equanimity.

Ajahn Amaro: Q&A for Loving Kindness vs. Multi-tasking Addictive Disorder or M.A.D. Nov 2007 047

This question and answer session followed the reflection on loving kindness vs. attention-grabbing addictions. This recording is from our archive and was made at our Sellwood location in 2007.