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Tea of 100 Buddha’s

THIS TEA IS POSTPONED – new schedule to be posted soon

In the last three months the Board has:

  • defined an operations arms of PFOD
  • offered the Spiritual Director a living wage
  • acquired a Zen group as a renter and almost nobody knows …

We also have immediately ahead of us:

  • planing for the lower floor, build-out/rental etc.
  • planing for moving / grand opening
  • considering a Buddha

Most of the community hasn’t had much chance to be part of all of this, so its time for a tea where folks can gather, talk, share, look around, ask questions, get up to speed, feel good, feel nervous, open their hearts and deva-willing, sign up to help as we take over full possession of the Dharma Rain building beginning June 8th.

Why tea of 100 Buddha’s?

The first half of discussion will be informational, what has your board been up too?

The second half will be in support to a generous offering Ajahn Pasanno made at our first fundraiser exactly one year ago this June. He offered a Buddha Rupa image and has recently suggested we get feedback from the community on the look and size and then he’ll see what he can manage.

Please bring a pictures or statues of Buddha images that you love, and let’s see if we can get 100 Buddha images to line up, pin up and imagine in our shrine room. There will also be a display board of some of the images that inspire us. We will take time to wander, discuss and share our inspirations.
The Tea will close at 6:00pm, just in time for a short break before Matthew’s “Walking the Eightfold Path” class at 6:30.

The Board hopes to see you there!