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Terigatha Book – Discussion Group

hosted and led by Katharine Quince

Gatherings will meet downstairs every other Tuesday at 7:30 pm. We will be reading and discussing these books:

The First Buddhist Women: Translations and Commentary on the Therigatha by Susan Murcott
Therigatha: Poems of the First Buddhist Women translated by Charles Hallisey
Please have the following sections read prior to each gathering:

Nov 6: Murcott — Preface, Introduction, and Chapters 1-3 and corresponding poems from Hallisey

Nov 20: Murcott — Chapters 4-6 and corresponding poems from Hallisey

Dec 4: Murcott — Chapters 7-9 and corresponding poems from Hallisey

Dec 18: Murcott — Chapters 10-12 and corresponding poems from Hallisey

The Murcott’s book will be our guiding focus because it has excellent background and commentary on the Theris and their poems. However, Hallisey’s translation is very beautiful and widely accepted as the most accurate, so I find it enriching to read his translation along with Murcott’s. There are used copies of Murcott’s book on Amazon and a paperback version of Hallisey’s available as well, which helps with affordability. You could also opt to purchase just Murcott’s book and we can read portions of Hallisey together when we meet.

Looking forward,