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About the Dharma Rain Zendo

This is the building we wish to buy…

In a tree-lined residential neighborhood just off Southeast 25th and Hawthorne in beautiful Portland Oregon, Buddhists have gathered for Dhamma instruction and meditation for more than 20 years. Kyogen and Gyokuko Carlson after moving from California to Oregon purchased this historic building (originally built in 1926) and established The Dharma Rain Zen Center.  They have grown into a large, vibrant Buddhist community and will soon move to a new monastery & dhamma hall they are building on several acres of land. Their Zendo is now up for sale and we, the community of Portland Friends of the Dhamma, want to purchase it.

Imagine what it might feel like to walk into a space where thousands of people have contributed millions of hours of effort toward purifying their minds. Some say it’s downright palpable.

The 2,000-square-foot shrine room was built in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright.Buddhist meditation hall

Heading downstairs, there is 2,500 square feet with a kitchen, a dining area, a large common room for classes, films or assemblies. It’s been a lovely space to host tea for our venerable monastics. There is an office space, an abundant storage area, two bathrooms and a separate entrance.

a church basement dining area

With the purchase of this building, we would have enough space to relaunch our full slate of programming and add new classes and gatherings, as well. The location is central, with easy transportation by foot, bike, bus or car (see map below).


  • 2,460 sq ft upstairs: bathroom, cloak room, small loft room, 2000 sq ft dhamma hall,
  • 2,700 sq ft downstairs: commercial kitchen, large open area, small office, meeting room/classroom, large storage area, 2 bathrooms, hall cloakroom area.
  • 4,074 sq ft lot is slight smaller than average and the building and access steps takes up almost all the space.


  • The are rooftop solar panels and the roof is newly refinished.
  • The 2000sq/ft dhamma hall upstairs is recently carpeted and can hold 133 people.
  • There’s plenty room for a Buddha ruppa.
  • It’s in a central location with good bus and bike access.
  • It’s been a Buddhist landmark in Portland for over 20 years already.

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