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The Pacific Hermitage Monks Return for Monthly Visits

With the winter retreat over, the monastics from the Pacific Hermitage are resuming for their monthly visits to Portland Friends of the Dhamma.  This coming Friday,  Ajahn Sudanto and Ajahn Karunadhammo will join us for tea, casual conversation, meditation and Dhamma reflections. On Saturday at 10:30am they will begin walking alms round on the North side of Hawthorne (starting at 50th Ave down to the Center on 25th Ave).  Popping an apple, a sandwich or bottled latte into their bowl will be followed with a sweet chant of appreciation (you’ll enjoy bringing your kids along for this).

We hope to see you on the street or at the center for this monthly event.

Friday, April 15th 
5:30 – 6:45 pm  Tea and conversation – children welcome
7:00 – 9:00 pm  Meditation, Dhamma talk, Q&A

Saturday, April 16th
10:30 am  Alms round on the North side of Hawthorne from 50th Ave down to our Center on 25th Ave
11:00 am  Potluck Meal offering at PFoD followed with tea/coffee and friendly conversation

Check our calendar for exact monthly dates.