What our contributions supported in 2012


Visiting Teachers

  • · Ajahn Sudanto and Pacific Hermitage residence(s) visited in April, August, September, November and December. They also joined a group of PFoD members in a trek to Abhayagiri in June for the Upasika renewal celebrations.
  • · Ajahn Pasanno visited three times, once in the first week of May, once in July with Ajahn Sopha and Ajahn Kumpong and again in October where he taught a Friday evening and Daylong before the Pah Bah in White Salmon.
  • · Ajahn Sona in May
  • · Ajahn Thanisarro in November
  • · Phillip Moffit in July

Ongoing Groups and Programs

  • · Sunday – Simply Sitting Sunday
  • · Sunday – Walking the Eight Fold Path
  • · Sunday – Family and Friends
  • · Monday – Beginners six week Program
  • · Monday – Intro to Buddhism Class
  • · Tuesday – Meditation and Book Study
  • · Thursday – Portland Mindful Living Community (Thich Nhat Han)
  • · Friday – Friday Morning Puja
  • · Friday – Friday Night Dhamma
  • · Saturday – Magga Bhavana Program
  • · Saturday – Day-longs with guest teachers

Special Events

  • · March and another in May: Two Chanting Workshops
  • · June: Group visit to Abhayagiri for Upasika Renewal
  • · July: Helicopter excursion for Senior Thai monks + LP Pasanno on the occasion of LP’s 63rd birthday
  • · July: PFoD host an `all Thai event’ with Senior Monastics
  • · October: Pah Bah in White Salmon
  • · November: Sakula’s first residential retreat at Wat Atam
  • · December: New Year’s Eve Meditation

Gifts (to name a few)

  • · Alert to community about funds running empty brings in record donations
  • · PFoD publishes 50 new chant books
  • · Two newly published Dhamma books by Ajahn Pasanno
  • · Ratanagiri (Aj Chah monastery in Scotland) ships over two tons of books (all by monastics of this lineage) to PFoD…entirely free of any charge
  • · Ten meal offerings
  • · An estimated 236+ bundles of flowers for the alter
  • · An estimated 1300+ hours of volunteer efforts
  • · Countless items, to name a few: coffee urn, stamps, buckwheat hulls, candles, helicopter tickets for LP Pasanno’s birthday, tea towels, microphone stand and card and enough financial support to keep our doors open for this entire year.