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  • Support for Sustaining Practice at Home

    Visit the Resource link below for support for practicing at home and information on how to join our weekly gatherings held online via Zoom.

    Resource Page
  • Dismantling White Supremacy - Workshop coming soon

    Our community is waking up to the necessity of addressing all hidden ignorances of White Supremacy and White Privilege culture. New, ongoing training is in development to address these deficits. Click below for description and contact information.

    More info

Resources for Online Gatherings and Dhamma Support, Dismantling White Supremacy upcoming workshop, Update on Anniversary/Fundraiser


Online Resources

Find our weekly Zoom gatherings, support for home retreats, and supportive materials and links for Dhamma practice.

Dismantling White Supremacy 

A New ongoing workshop is in development to address the need for Dismantling hidden White Supremacy within our community. The team are all experienced meditators and professionals in their fields. The above link includes valuable resources to help educate us as we prepare for this valuable workshop.

Update on our Anniversary/Fundraiser

We held our 20th Anniversary Celebration & Fundraiser on June 28th. Thanks to the initiative, sweat, and generosity of many, we raised $30500! A HUGE Thank You to All. You can view all the teachings and the film by clicking here