Portland Friends of the Dhamma is a Theravada lay community of the Thai-Forest lineage of Ajahn Chah. Our teachers are both monastic and lay. We provide access to the Buddha’s teachings as preserved in the Pali Canon. We do this through ongoing programs, events, and workshops. In addition, we have a wide array of books and other media sponsored for free distribution.

Our purpose is to help interested people understand the Buddha’s teachings both conceptually and through direct experience. Equally, we aim to support a community of lay people following the Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path of virtue, meditation, and wisdom, grounded in generosity and compassion. Portland Friends of the Dhamma is supported by contributions (dana) from the community and does not charge fees for its programs or events.

We are honored to be affiliated with the Abhayagiri monastic sangha, provide support to the Pacific Hermitage and receive guidance and teachings from both.


We envision a City Refuge where we as laypeople can set aside our worldly burdens within a community that nurtures virtue, contentment, and calm, so that wisdom can arise. We aim to provide support for personal explorations into the Buddha’s teachings, guidance in training our minds, and direct contact with the lineage of the Ajahn Chah monastics. Finally, we envision a community of mutual support and companionship as we strive to apply these teachings in our daily lives, and walk the eight-fold path.