A Place for Family

Children of all ages are welcome to attend with their parents or guardian. As well, we have a lovely space for the family to retreat to when the child is restless but still wants to be nearby. 

The Value of Spiritual Friendship

Through getting to know those who delight in the Buddha’s teaching we create a connection with them, we establish a support system. This is kalyanamitta, the network of spiritual friendship.

Ajahn Amaro

At all of our programs, we have the opportunity to talk, share, and get to know each other. After Sunday Sila, there is a dedicated fellowship period, where all are welcome to enjoy time together on the garden level over tea and coffee.

We are Part of Society

What we bring to the society around us are simply our own qualities of mind, of heart, of being – our intentions and how they manifest in our actions.

Luang Por Pasanno

Harmony is a Practice

We gather to listen, discuss, and practice together. We envision a community of mutual support and companionship as we strive to apply these teachings in our daily lives and walk the eightfold path. Such practice was praised by the Buddha.

Inspired by Majjhima Nikaya Sutta 31